Bring the Red Carpet to your event!

You're the star!

Our mission is to make any event more fun and enjoyable for all! Our photo machines are stylish, portable, durable, and perfect for any occasion. We are responsible, and always on time. Whether you are a club owner, event planner, or are planning your own private party, we offer an eye-catching attraction that will give you the “WOW” factor you’re looking for.

The device, a five-foot-tall metal stand with a 20-inch touch screen, combines the charm of an old-school photo booth with the allure of a red carpet photo session and gives it a modern twist for the social media age.

Enjoyment on a new level!

The process is simple. You and your guests are instructed to press the button on the kiosk. You will then have a chance to take up to 4 different pictures and different poses. Within minutes, you will have a photo print out to take home with you and remember the occasion. We also have duplicate options to create a scrapbook for the host/s of honor. Be sure to check out all of our custom opportunities.

Interested in finding out more information?  Please contact us and we'll provide a more detailed description of the Paparazzi Stand and let you know how it can enhance any event you are planning.

JMS Entertainment presents... the Paparazzi Stand!

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